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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Vitas was born on February 19, 1981 in Latvia. He first appeared in Russia in December of 2000 with his hit Opera #2, amazing the public with his energetic countertenor voice.

He writes the music and verse himself, makes some arrangements, and sometimes, vocal variations. He has one single “Opera #2”, including “Opera #2” itself (which had over 14 vocal variations) and live-recording of the rehearsal performance of Vitas to the grand piano in a London studio, a fashionable, semi-alternative variation of the same composition, made by Vitas and the sound director Edward Izmestjev and Sergey Pudovkin as co-authors, and also a remix, kindly offered to Vitas by RealRec company, which issued the single. The single also combined to multimedia tracks. Also in may the first album of Vitas “The philosophy of wonder” was introduced.Legends are made about the voice of Vitas, beginning from extremely vulgar and ending with the most absurd. The voice of Vitas is really unique, its wide range enables him to take practically any sound. In his new song “Good bye” (which will have the third clip made soon) Vitas sings in extreme bass. The voice of Vitas attracts, shocks, takes one’s breath away, but it never leaves anybody indifferent.

“Recording such a unique voice it is very important not to spoil or distort it. Usually, during the recording, the sound operator strives at making something better, smoother in the voice. In the case of Vitas there is no need to improve something,” – says his producer. His music is jazz, classics and modern tunes and folk. Combining all this trends, he creates something new, unusual, different. With all its differences in style, the music of Vitas is very whole. He has not a single vulgar song which you can listen to and forget.